When working with a Modern Phone Booth vendor here is a short list of the questions you will be asked, or you should ask:

  1. How soundproof is your booth?
  2. How Heavy is the booth
  3. What features and components come standard?
  4. How many will you need? (Rule is 1 booth per 15 people)
  5. How much room will you need? (The footprint size of the booth vs the amount of room you have for one or more)
  6. Can it have a swing door or must it be bi-fold? (consider the swing door width and add another 38″ to it wide open to be “in code”)
  7. What can I customize it to my office color scheme?
  8. Can I put a Logo on it?
  9. How fast will I get it?
  10. How much will it cost to ship?
  11. Can you use my shipper?
  12. How will you transport it to my floor?-
  13. Do you have Freight elevators?
  14. Do you have a receiving Doc and Forklift?
  15. How will you receive it at ground level?
  16. Must it ship flat and be assembled or can it ship assembled?
  17. What is standard equipment on the booth?
  18. Do you have building landlord requirements?
  19. Are their local/building fire codes that need to be met?
  20. What are your electrical requirements?
  21. Can it be moved after installation?
  22. Self-installing? – or will you need a white glove service?
  23. Do you need financing or a lease?
  24. Where is the product made?
  25. What is the warranty?

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