Questions & Answers

When working with a Modern Phone Booth vendor here is a short list of the questions you will be asked, or you should ask:

  1. How soundproof is your booth?
  2. How Heavy is the booth
  3. What features and components come standard?
  4. How many will you need? (Rule is 1 booth per 15 people)
  5. How much room will you need? (The footprint size of the booth vs the amount of room you have for one or more)
  6. Can it have a swing door or must it be bi-fold? (consider the swing door width and add another 38″ to it wide open to be “in code”)
  7. What can I customize it to my office color scheme?
  8. Can I put a Logo on it?
  9. How fast will I get it?
  10. How much will it cost to ship?
  11. Can you use my shipper?
  12. How will you transport it to my floor?-
  13. Do you have Freight elevators?
  14. Do you have a receiving Doc and Forklift?
  15. How will you receive it at ground level?
  16. Must it ship flat and be assembled or can it ship assembled?
  17. What is standard equipment on the booth?
  18. Do you have building landlord requirements?
  19. Are their local/building fire codes that need to be met?
  20. What are your electrical requirements?
  21. Can it be moved after installation?
  22. Self-installing? – or will you need a white glove service?
  23. Do you need financing or a lease?
  24. Where is the product made?
  25. What is the warranty?

Do you need one?

While open-office design has grown due to the benefits of collaboration and operational costs, more and more research into the trend has revealed its shortcomings – most notably decreased office productivity and morale.

Need help convincing your boss (or maybe even yourself)?  I’ve gathered a list of articles from top publications that explain how focus rooms & private spaces are an essential addition to open-office space design – bringing back privacy & productivity to an office plan that has drained employee morale.  It’s their words – not mine!

Washington Post

FIVE working predictions for 2019 OFFICE DESIGN: The office phone booth will become a workplace staple. Read more here

The Wall Street Journal:

Open Office Spaces are Loosing some of their openness: The Wall Street Journal explains how open office design can have an adverse effect on employees and productivity and companies like Silicon Valley Bank are installing Phone booths and private spaces to quiet the backlash: Read more here


Is this the future of Open Office Space? While open office distractions sabotage employee focus, decreasing productivity anywhere from 15% to 28%, “telephone may be over, but phone booths are back! There is a Future for open offices. Read more here.


The open Office Concept is Dead. Fortune says the office of the future is here, and it involves focus rooms like phonebooths where employees can go to concentrate on solo work. Read more here.

Harvard Business Review

Stop Noise from ruining Your Open Office. While open Offices do offer important benefits, sound privacy was “by far and way the biggest drain on employee morale” to combat it, HBR recommends providing dedicated quiet spaces like phone booths. Read more here.

Fast Company

Is the Open Office Trend Reversing Itself? FC Explains companies like Yelp are installing phone booths in open-office to give back privacy to their employees, even if its just “visual privacy.” Read more here.


While there seem to be no specific ruling on Modern Phone Booths, we refer you to the IFC: International Fire Code®: Is a member-focused association with over 64,000 members. It is dedicated to developing model codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures. Most U.S. communities and many global markets use this as their standard practice.

Please see: Section 903.3.3

Obstructed Locations. “Automatic Sprinklers shall be installed in or under covered kiosks, displays, booths, concessions stands or equipment that exceeds 4 feet (1219 mm) in width. Most Modern Phone Booths do not exceed this size. However, some larger booths for 4 persons or more may require sprinklers installed. We highly suggest that you contact the Local Fire Marshall in your City, State for their ruling.

You may download a copy a copy of the International Fire Code 2015:

Additionally, the NFPA National Fire Protection Association states
that no obstruction should installed within 18” of a sprinkler head. This should be considered when planning the lcation of your phone booth.

For additional information in your local area, please see the following: INTERNATIONAL CODE COUNCIL:

1 Code Adoption Process by State – International Code Council

Most U.S. communities and many global markets choose the International Codes. International Code Council Members include state, county and municipal code enforcement and fire officials, architects, engineers, builders, contractors, elected officials, manufacturers and others in the construction industry.

Lastly, consult your Buidling Management for any addtional codes they may have for the buidling.