Accompanying the outstanding advantages of having wireless cell phones for making calls, are the variety of disadvantages they pose, the primary one being the amount one has to pay to buy a mobile phone. Cell phones are quite expensive and are generally not affordable by the vast majority of low and middle-income people, including the homeless. For people like these, public payphones act as a better and cheaper alternative to stay in contact with their loved ones and the extinction of these payphones would affect the lower middle class most.

As the cell phones started becoming common, and people ditched the need to go to some private place in order to make a call, it has subsequently made it extremely difficult for all those in the vicinity of the caller, to be able to concentrate on what they are doing. With every call on a cell phone accompanies a distracting and irritation sound of one-sided conversation which nobody wants to hear yet have to listen to as a token for sharing space.

Open Office Problems

To add fuel to fire, architects nowadays are ditching the need for extra rooms and going for open plans in commercial buildings which mean many people would thereby be sharing a common space. This would eventually lead to a plethora of undesirable one-sided conversation going on around the office creating an extremely annoying atmosphere.

A Need for Privacy

While the open-office design has grown due to the benefits of collaboration and operational costs, more and more research into the trend has revealed its shortcomings – most notably decreased office productivity and morale.

New companies like Cubicall offers an efficient and customizable solution to visual and aural privacy needs employees are coming to expect. A small investment in employee well-being can yield a big return in productivity, engagement, and morale.

Cell phones are as common as sunglasses, however – common decency and phone etiquette have decreased. People are having very personal, private conversations in the open for everyone to hear as they have nowhere to take a call.

At one-time phone booths were needed because phones were stationary – now that they are mobile, phone booths are necessary for people to be able to have a quiet and private conversation.

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