Modern phone booths combine pleasing aesthetics with high functionality using various elements in their designing. While the phone booths originally designed used to be fixed at a certain space, some modern phone booths can be wheeled into any space and their modular design makes them fit to be placed and used anywhere.

Combining these two features is done by making use of innovative material, which not only provides a great finish but also does not hinder the modularity. Moreover, accounting for the acoustics control for these modular devices needs a further study of materials fit to be used and then ordered. All these factors contribute to making a new phone booth a costly necessity.

Modern Phone Booths with space saving bi-fold doors

Most modern phone booths are offered in three sizes. Typically for 1, 2 & 4 persons and can range from $3500 – $24,000 respectively, and depending upon the brand. Additionally, some brands are more soundproof than others. Some are easily assembled and disassembled for easy moving. Most have swing doors yet one brand has space saving bi-fold doors,.

Some booths are custom made to the color/material specs. Pricing generally includes everything the seat, acoustic panels, desk with USB ports, 120v outlet, led lighting, ethernet port, fan and an occupancy sensor that turns everything on when you walk into the booth.  

Pricing will increase if wood veneers, specialty laminates, custom graphics, are requested. The sky’s the limit with ssome brands who offer TV Monitors built in the walls and full customization of all componants!

The Cubicall Brand offers a SUPERMAN booth!

Cubicall Superman Booth Officially Licensed through AT&T /Warner Bros. & DC Comics

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